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Your dental health is a very important factor in your overall general health and well being, so it is something that should not be ignored, even if you are feeling as though your teeth are in good condition; a professional Poway dentist can help. Many different diseases and disorders can be diagnosed by your dentist, and other diseases are often caused by poor dental hygiene. Taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums is a way to make sure you are in the best overall health that you can possibly be.

Poway Dentist

Dentistry is the science that protects your mouth, teeth and gums through preventative care and regular maintenance. The featured Poway Dentist is a highly trained medical professional who is required to get a lengthy education to be able to practice dentistry. Your Poway dentist operates their businesses with the help of other qualified and well trained staff, including dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Why use a Poway Dentist?

Keeping your teeth in good condition requires a partnership between the individual and their dentist. While a dentist can give you a diagnosis of a problem and help with annual preventative treatments, the individual needs to take regular care of their teeth on a daily basis. This includes brushing your teeth several times a day, in the morning, evening, and after meals. You must also floss at least once a day to eliminate the build up of harmful plaque on your teeth. Additionally, many people do additional things to take care of their teeth like using mouthwash, fluoride treatments, and whitening treatments. All of these activities help to avoid plaque and tartar build up, which leads to cavities and other damaging oral problems. Each individual should discuss their personal cleaning plan with their Poway dentist, because everyone has different dental needs.

A Poway dentist specializes in certain areas of dental work, from working with children to oral surgery specialists. A dentist who wants to specialize in a certain area will often have to go to additional classes to become a specialist and receive certifications in their area of expertise. A dentist can also prescribe certain drugs like antibiotics and pain killers following treatments. They can also prescribe fluoride for treatment by patients at home.

Benefits from using a Poway Dentist

There are a number of basic dental procedures that are common to almost every dentist’s daily practice. Most of these procedures are required due to people not taking proper care of their teeth, which causes tooth decay and gum disease. Dental procedures are meant to restore teeth back to their proper healthy state. Some of the regular treatments that your dentist can provide are fillings, extractions, root canals, and bridges. Dental fillings, often called dental restoration, are by far the most common treatment that dentists perform. Your dentist and his staff first must clean out the damaged tooth using special tools that are able to cut through the tooth’s surface. Once the dead or infected part of the tooth has been removed, the dentist will prepare the tooth for restoration by cleaning the tooth thoroughly. The dentist will then fill the hole in the tooth and build it back up to its natural size and shape using a variety of materials, including porcelain, amalgam, or metallic materials. Your dentist may choose which material is best for your filling, although sometimes the client can choose the material and the color based on their preferences.

Root canals are also very common, and are similar to a filling. When a tooth has damage or is infected, the damage can spread quite far into the tooth over time, if not caught early. Once the damage reaches the center of the tooth, it attacks the root of the tooth, which stretches from the center of the tooth down into your gums. This can be extremely painful, and your Poway dentist will need to remove the root from the tooth and then insert a filling on top of the old damage.

How a Poway Dentist can help


Poway Dentist
Poway Dentist

Many people wonder how often you should go to your dentist. Naturally, if you are having any pain or difficulty, an emergency visit to the Poway dentist is required. But for those individuals who are in good oral health, it is recommended that you visit your dental office for a cleaning and check up twice a year. At one of these semiannual visits, your dentist will most likely take x-rays to determine if there are any underlying problems that you should be treated for. At your dental check ups, your dentist is also able to do oral cancer screenings, which is a huge benefit to attending your dental visits. It may be difficult to diagnose on your own, so having an expert looking at your mouth and gums twice a year is a good way to help diagnose any potential problems.

Why you should visit a Poway Dentist

Many people suffer from dental issues due to fear of visiting their dentist, or not understanding that there may be a problem. Even something as simple as having consistently bad breath can be a signal that you may be suffering from a medical problem and that you should seek treatment from a Poway dentist.

To avoid visiting a Poway dentist more often than necessary, you should make sure to eat a proper well balanced diet. People who eat sugary foods typically wind up with more dental disorders that they must contend with. Those who drink a lot of soda suffer from this the most, as the acid and sugar in the soda not only stick to the teeth, but it can also attack the enamel covering on the exterior of your teeth. It is also important to brush your teeth right before you go to bed, and not to eat after brushing your teeth. This is because the sugar will sit on your teeth all night and can cause damage.

If a patient is ever feeling pain or irritation in their mouths, they should contact their dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. Dental problems never go away by ignoring them; they require treatment by a qualified Poway dentist to resolve the issue. Keeping up with dental hygiene is simple and easy, and the results are well worth it. Build a relationship with your Poway dentist to make sure you have a dental plan that is right for you as an individual for the best possible dental health.


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